Ryder DUE - Oakland's School Learner Qualities

Oakland School Learner Qualities
Be Self Aware (Excellence Value): SML tasks

Be self aware
I know my learning goals.
I know how I learn best.
Think about and reflect on:
  • How have I been managing my time with completing my SML Tasks?
  • How well have I been completing them?
  • Have I been completing my MUST Dos each week?
  • Have I been organised enough to complete bonus tasks?

What is my learning goal?
WALT manage my time well so I complete all my “MUST Do” SML Tasks each week.
What has been going well? Completing my SMl’s in time.

What have I been learning to do to get the tasks done? To sit on my own and do it so I don’t get distracted.

Which tasks have I completed well?  Why?
My personal choice myth writing assignment because It was quite hard but I still finished it.
Which tasks have been challenging?  Why?
My reading assignment about the three parrots because you did not know what parrot was which. I found out that knowing the colours of their feathers helped me tell them apart.
What are some other bonus tasks I would like to do?
Khan Academy
My next step is……..
Every week to get all my Mathletics points done.