Music Rap

WALT: Compose and create a rap (with beat if possible) about bullying

Our Rap                                                                            How did you go about achieving this?
                                                                                         We needed some help so we asked Mr 
I have to go to school Mucallum.
I have no choice What resources were used to help you?
But the bullies are mean A computer.
I always hear their voice
                                                                                            Did you do the resource on your own or 
They shout at me collaborate with other people?
Push me down I did this task with Micah and Samuel
Shove me in the pool
Try make me drown How did you find the process?
                                                                                             Fun and difficult
No-one helps me
I tremble in fear What did you enjoy the most about the
I have no friends process of creating a rap? Having a laugh
and i'm always scared with them
Now it’s the last verse What might be your next step?
Where the bullying ends To go off and check it
Gonna get back up

The friendship mends