Mirror in the attic

           Mirror in the Attic
WALT write a “moment in time” piece of writing.

I can see:
I am touching something like water
Myself through the mirror
I can hear:
A vibrating sound
Splashing water
I can smell:
Nothing because my nose is blocked from sneezing after breathing in all the dust.
A hole lot of dust
I can feel:
Slimy gel on the mirror
Freezing cold water moving around on the mirror
I can taste:
Particles of fluffy dust in my mouth
I can taste the lunch I had before

The girl kneels carefully in front of the mirror curios about what might happen…

She sees… herself in front of the mirror wondering why it is so clean. She thinks it would be covered in dust.

She can hear the creaky wooden floor as she is walking to the mirror. She can hear the rain outside and the curtains blowing all around.
She can smell a whole pile of dust floating through the air. Then she sniffs up a sneeze, a a a chu.

She can feel the freezing cold water on the mirror, when she touches it she feels a slimy gel. Then she touches it again and little waves of water start to appear, then start to vibrate.

She can taste particles of fluffy dust in her mouth. She can taste the sandwich that she had before.

Sarah is the only member of her family who sees what will happen to them in the future.