Woodend Camp

                                   Wooded Camp

17/11/16 WALT: describe our feelings about camp.

I was really excited about going to camp. When I was thinking about it like what it will look like ? When I was thinking I thought who was going to sleep on top of me and I was thinking what it would look like outside out side. It looked like a pile of trees. I heard there was mini golf there I thought I wonder what courses there will be ? I wondered if the courses were hard or not but they turned out to be easy and hard. I wondered if the actives were fun ?

                         Camp Activities
Climbing wall: The climbing wall  was fun but a little bit scary I thought I could do the third one but it was too hard I  only got to halfway and then I tried the second one and I got to the top and on the third one I keep bouncing off the wall.
Team Building: The team building was really fun maybe my third favourite.Team building was fun because there were these two poles and we had to circle round them like the number eight then we had to quickly go round and finish in our same spots the reason we had to go really quick is because we were timed and I think we came last.
Air Rifles: With the Air Rifles they were fun but hard to hit a target but I hit a green target but we only got three shots and there was two guns so we got three shots on each and someone in a other group got a duck.
Archery: The archery was good cause i all ready have my own bow-arrow when i was shooting i had my own way to hold it but that time i had to hold it different and that was harder my own way is easier but when i was shooting i got the blue and i missed about 2 shots as well.
Go-Kart: Go-carting my first favorite it was really fun h