WALT: Describe a New Zealand habitat and the animals who live there.

My habitat is the forest because it has lots of endemic and native animals
Like a kiwi and a pukeko. Animals live there because there are a lot of of bushes and trees for them to hide from their predators.In the forest there is a lot a plants. In the forest there is a lot of shade but not a lot of sun.


The kiwi is endemic to New Zealand. I picked the kiwi because the forest has big bushes for the kiwi so it can hide from it’s predators. There are about 68,000 left in all of New Zealand. We are losing 2% of our unmanaged kiwi every year - that’s around 20 per week.


The kea is endemic to New Zealand. The New Zealand kea is endemic parrot found in the south island’s alpine environments. Kea are a protected species. They are worlds only alpine parrot, and one of the most intelligent


Pukeko is a native bird to New Zealand. Pukeko are commonly seen along the marshy roadsides and low-lying open country,the birds range is increase with agricultural development. Unlike many other native birds, the pukeko has adapted well to new habitats, such as grassed padddocks croplands and even city parks, necessity brought about disappearing wetlands.